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About MedTax in Bloemfontein

Anthony de Villiers

Founded by Anthony de Villiers nearly two decades ago, MedTax & Co. aims to provide a comprehensive range of professional bookkeeping, tax, and business services to individuals and businesses alike.

“If you really put all your energy behind something, there is nothing you can't reach." - Anthony de Villiers

Under the expert guidance of Mr. de Villiers, the MedTax team aims to maintain an unprecedented level of service satisfaction where our clients are concerned, with a comprehensive range of services to meet all their requirements. We handle all aspects of South African tax accounting, and help ensure that SARS remains accountable in their administration of your tax matters.

We have a number of departments, each of which handles a specific aspect of accounting services so that you don’t have to. From Accounting and Tax Services, to Monthly Bookkeeping ServicesAdministrative Services, SARS Registration Services, and Trust and Company Services, we handle everything so that can be freed up to focus on your most important task, which is running your business.

Now you can obtain excellent advice and assistance on legal and accounting related matters through the effective utilization of all the resources available to us at MedTax & Co and De Villiers Penny Conveyancing Attorneys.

Why try to do it yourself when you can use the services of expertly qualified, trustworthy professionals? We know that you value expert guidance, professional solutions and ethical services, and that’s what we aim to provide through our balanced team of compliance experts, bookkeepers, chartered accountants, and admitted attorneys.

Let MedTax & Co handle your tax and accounting matters. When you partner with us, we will be your sounding board. We will absorb the complications and frustrations of dealing with the numbers and the authorities. Having been in the business for nearly two decades, it is no hassle for us at all. In fact, we have the technical know-how to help you make better-informed decisions when it comes to handling your money.

Contact MedTax in Bloemfontein for a free consultation regarding your accounting and tax needs. Let us focus on your tax and accounting needs while you focus on your business.

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